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- Selling.

When we agree to work together, we’ll develop a plan on what best suits you and your home, including next steps, scheduling, and a professional staging consultation to help prepare your home for selling.

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1 First Meeting
A friendly meeting to discuss your intentions with your home and get to know each other a bit, the first meeting is all about expectations for the sale of your home. Upon agreeing to work together I will create a plan that suits your intentions to sell and discuss the next steps which include scheduling, and a professional home staging consultation to prepare your house for sale!
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2 Marketing Your Home
Upon decluttering, cleaning and staging your home I will arrange for a home measurement, professional photography and create digital marketing ads for your property. Then your house will get listed on MLS® and MLS® Niagara, and I’ll prepare for the showings that will follow!
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3 Contract to Close
When everything is ready I will begin showings as soon as possible and get some offers in before long. I will negotiate for the best terms of sale on your behalf and get a closing contract for your home. With my support carrying you until your property sale is closed I give you my word we will go from contract to closing quicker than you could have expected!
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List of Services.

Below I have listed SOME of the services that I provide. I want to be totally clear that these are at NO COST to you; they’re part of my standard listing services agreement.

The *** are an indicator that the particular service is optionally provided depending on the price point of your home.

Home Staging Consultation

I will help your home look even more appealing to potential buyers; providing you with advice for every room in your house. I will also prepare a checklist for each room in your home with the advice for your reference. When additional furniture is required for staging or additional services such as repairs or painting, additional charges will apply.

Professional Photography

I will have one of the BEST professional photographers in Niagara to take photos of your home. Our photographers don't use their iPhones, aren't the agents themselves taking the photos, and aren't in and out of the home in 15 minutes. It's easy to see the difference in our work versus most.


Depending on the home, I may recruit a videographer to shoot some full-motion video for a great added touch to your listing. Size, style, location and price point of your house for sale will help me determine if this kind of marketing is appropriate for your property.***

Drone Video

While not suitable for all homes, drone video is worth considering when appropriate. Drone Photography is a very neat form of marketing that allows for beautiful shots of your home from overhead that would otherwise be impossible. ***

Yard Signs

For Sale signs were the first form of advertising houses for sale and are still effective today. My signs are bright and colourful and represent quality.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world behind Google. I will post a video or virtual tour of your home on my YouTube channel for easy sharing or for consumers to find naturally.

Transaction Management

Transaction management is helping you to always understand what is going to happen next and what you should expect. I will guide you through complicated documents helping you to understand the different terminology. I want you to BE confident and always aware of the selling process.

MLS® Listings

MLS® stands for Multiple Listing Service®, and is the central database of real estate listings in our local Niagara and St. Catharines real estate market. It is crucial that I list your home on MLS® because it will then also appear on multiple other real estate sites in the Niagara region.

Customer Brochures and Flyers

An appealing flyer is a major key to selling your home because it helps potential buyers remember the important features of your house and gives them a piece to use when considering options of houses for sale.

Showing Service

I will facilitate the showing of your home. I track showings and feedback to make the process easier while Buyers Agents go through me to request showing of your home.

Listing Shown on All Major Social Networks

When I list your home I will also be posting it on all of my social networking channels such as; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Instagram.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations don't just include the price of your home. There are many other important terms of a contract, such as due diligence and closing dates, due diligence and earnest money amounts, closing costs, dealing with multiple offers. And then, once under contract, I deal with the "second set of negotiations" in inspections and repairs. Deals can easily be lost or made here. Having an experienced negotiator with a good reputation and ability to work nicely with other professionals is another thing that sets me apart. There IS a difference.

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